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Pages tagged "LGBTIQ"

World AIDS Day 2020 - Hope Is Vital

This World AIDS Day, we spoke to two inspirational women about their relationship with HIV. Manu Bhat is a HIV positive woman living in India, and Dr Niveditha Manokaran is a Sexual Health, Reproductive Health and HIV clinician living in Sydney. We spoke about their relationship with Dr Suniti Solomon, a late HIV specialist who began matchmaking her HIV+ patients who struggled to find love and marriage.

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Talking Intersex with Cody Smith

Cody Smith is the only Intersex Project worker in Australia. In this episode, Cody talks about Intersex people, squishy bits, the "i" in the LGBTIQ acronym, what Intersex people are fighting for and what we can do to support them

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Wayne Herbert - LGBTIQ, Disability And The Right To Be Fabulous

Wayne Herbert talks about growing up in Grafton, his quest to be crowned Jacaranda Queen, his book, his work and the human need to be valued and included.

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Carol - Ann Allen - Loving Bravely

Melbourne psychologist, Carol-Ann Allen talks about the mess in good relationships, the business of freedom and the texture of communication.

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Gender Identity and the Law : Fantastic news for transgender young people

After a landmark court case late in 2017, there is one less giant hoop for a young person to begin access hormone treatment here in Australia.

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Women Who Have Sex With Women - The low-down on the go-down

Women speak candidly about sex, sexuality, stereotypes and their experiences with doctors and GPs

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