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Pages tagged "LGBTIQA+"

Flags Explained and Defined

What are Pronouns?

Pronouns are words that are used to refer to someone when not using their name. To learn more about pronouns, and how to be a good ally, read our pronoun fact sheet. 

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Holiday Wellbeing Tips for LGBTIQA+ Folks

The holidays are a time for celebration and joy, however, we are aware that it can be a challenging time for many folks. Meridian Wellbeing collaborated with Directions ACT, and made a list of practical tips for managing the unique challenges and experiences that may arise during this time, no matter if you will spend the time with well-meaning friends, family, chosen family or by yourself.

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Does the ACT need an LGBTIQA+ peak body? - Discussion Paper

In the ACT, there is no peak body representing LGBTIQA+ people or organisations providing services to LGBTIQA+ people. The question of whether the ACT needs a peak body for LGBTIQA+ health and wellbeing is one that arises from time to time, including within the Office of LGBTIQ+ Affairs, in the ACT Health Scoping Study, in the commissioning process for peak bodies, and by individual stakeholders. This discussion paper outlines the arguments for and against establishing an LGBTIQA+ peak body in the ACT, and presents some alternative options to establishing a new, separate organisation.

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