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Canberra Gay Community Periodic Survey (GCPS) 2021

The Canberra Gay Community Periodic Survey (GCPS) is a cross-sectional survey of gay and bisexual men recruited from a range of gay venues and events in Canberra and online throughout the Australian Capital Territory. The major aim of the survey is to provide data on sexual, drug use and testing practices related to the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmissible infections (STIs). The survey is conducted every two years.

Cover of the GCPS

The COVID-19 pandemic emerged in 2020 and led to various health, social and economic impacts, including periods of government-mandated, public health-related lockdowns, restrictions on freedom of movement, businesses, and private and public gatherings. Because of this, the 2021 questionnaire included additional questions about participants’ experiences of COVID-19 and how COVID-19 might have affected their HIV and STI-related behaviour.

The most recent Canberra survey was conducted in October and November 2021 to coincide with the SpringOUT Festival. Due to ongoing COVID-19 considerations, SpringOUT was a series of online events. While participants are typically recruited face-to-face from a range of gay community sites across Canberra, the 2021 survey was conducted solely online due to COVID-19 restriction.

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