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Meridian Membership

Meridian members play an important role in ensuring the communities we serve have their say in guiding the direction of the organisation.  Membership is an important sign of support and assists Meridian in continuing to innovate in the delivery of services to the communities we work with to ensure quality delivery of services and programs. 

Meridian is a peer-led, community-controlled organisation taking action to improve the health and wellbeing of people impacted by HIV and LGBTIQA+ people and create safe and inclusive communities. 

Meridian provides sexual health education and prevention, targeted health promotion activities, community events, education and training. Meridian Wellbeing Services provide low and no cost counselling and mental health support including psychologists, mental health social workers and peer-led support services.  Meridian leads and influences positive outcomes in policy, practice and research as the leading LGBTIQA+ organisation in the ACT.  

Membership is vital in continuing the work of Meridian supporting our communities and ending discrimination, marginalisation and stigma. Meridian will forever be a member organisation. Members are the lifeblood of our organisation. As a grassroots organisation, a diverse, engaged and representative membership is crucial for the ongoing health of Meridian.

It is an exciting and challenging time ahead as Meridian grows and evolves it's service delivery offerings and innovative approach to health promotion and prevention.  

Members and Volunteers are at the heart of Meridian’s work. There are a number of ways you can get involved and your support for the community is invaluable.

All new Memberships need the approval of the Board of Meridian. Please apply below. 

Once a decision has been made you will be sent either a link for payment of the memberships fees or a letter outlining why your application for membership was not successful.

Individual Memberships

Membership and volunteering provide unique opportunities to be part of the Meridian community.   Membership has formed the foundations of Meridian since the beginning of the organisation.  Our communities are strong, and our approaches amplify the strengths of our community members to achieve the best possible outcomes.

If you support Meridian’s purpose and values and want to support our work, we welcome you to become a member.

  • Individual - $15.00 per year
  • Volunteer - $5.00 per year
  • Volunteer Free
    • Please note free volunteer members cannot stand for election of the board nor vote at the AGM. 
  • Student - Free 
    • Please note student members cannot stand for election of the board nor vote at the AGM. 

Individual member benefits include:

  • Invitations to Meridian member events including member only events
  • Member discounts to ticketed Meridian events
  • Vote at the Annual General Meeting and influence constitutional change in the organisation
  • Vote to elect our Board of Directors
  • Stand for election as a Board Member, or nominate or endorse candidates for election
  • Regular newsletters and updates on the work of Meridian
  • Access to members services at Meridian

Corporate Memberships

Information for corporate members - Meridian provides HIV, LGBTIQA+ and sex worker-related expertise in the areas of policy, capacity building, research, leadership coordination and partnerships, training and education, communication, information and resources. 

  • Corporate and federal government - $100.00
  • Not-for-profit organisations and community groups - $50.00

Corporate Members benefit include:

  • HIV and sexual health awareness and inclusion health promotion collateral for your workplace.
  • LGBTIQA+ awareness and inclusion posters, resources and other collateral for your workplace. 
  • LGBTIQA+ awareness and inclusivity training on topics including mental health, alcohol and drugs and allyship.  In addition Meridian can tailor training to your needs. 
  • Support for your workplace on LGBTIQA+ policy and practice for example data collection. 
  • Invitation to Meridian members’ events.
  • Regular Newsletters and updates on the work of Meridian.
  • Access to discounted safe sex products via Meridian.

We welcome corporate members and invite you to work in partnership with Meridian to support your organisation to be inclusive of all people and uphold the human rights of those who often experience discrimination.