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Sex Workers Who Help and Support Other Sex Workers

SWOP is a sex worker-led, peer-based community organisation whose primary purpose is the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), through education, referral and empowerment.

SWOP Mission Statement

SWOP is a sex worker-led program that aims to prevent HIV and other STIs among Canberra’s sex worker community and empower and support the rights of sex workers. Delivering education to encourage the wider community to see sex work as work and ensure that sex workers are treated respectfully in and outside their safe workplaces.

SWOP Aims:

  • To educate sex workers about safer sex practices and the prevention of HIV and other STIs.
  • To lobby for legal and administrative frameworks that do not discriminate against sex workers and former sex workers.
  • To address the special needs of workers from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds so they can have easier access to services and resources.
  • To eradicate sex worker stereotypes in popular consciousness and replace myths with the truth about sex workers and our unique and diverse experiences.
  • To provide information about how to obtain access to a range of health and community services that are appropriately sensitive to the needs of sex workers.

Sex Worker Outreach Program

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