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From our earliest days, our organisation and our team have supported the use of a variety of harm minimisation practices to reduce the transmission of HIV in the ACT. One of the most effective ways of doing this has been the provision of the Needle & Syringe Program (NSP). NSPs are a public health initiative to provide sterile injecting equipment to reduce the harm that can come from sharing equipment.

Meridian is a secondary NSP.

We provide the following items:

  • Pre-Packaged 8 packs
  • 3ml barrels
  • Tips: 23, 27, 29 gauge
  • Swabs
  • Spoons
  • Cotton Ball 5 Packs
  • Disposable Containers: 0.5L, 1.4L, 3L

Meridian staff are trained to provide this service during business hours. We have a large sharps disposal bin at the front of the Meridian office, available 24 hours and a range of information and resources for people who use injecting drugs.

Fit Packs are available at our office in Turner during working hours.

NSP Directory

Meridian NSP Postcard