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Welcome to Meridian's Alcohol and Other Drugs Support Services, where understanding and support are integral to your journey towards well-being in a non-judgmental and compassionate environment.

Explore Meridian SMART Recovery ONLINE, an empowering platform that fosters a community committed to overcoming challenges related to alcohol and other drugs. It's a space where shared experiences and practical strategies come together, promoting recovery and resilience.

Our Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) counseling services provide personalised support, recognising each individual's journey. Our team is here to guide you, ensuring a confidential and understanding approach to address your specific needs.

Meridian offers a Needle and Syringe Program, promoting harm minimisation, safety and well-being for individuals who inject drugs or self-aminister HR medications. This program provides access to clean equipment, education, and support to minimise risks.

Alcohol & Drugs

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