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Information and Referral

HIV impacts everyone differently. Some people choose to keep their HIV status to themselves, some talk about it openly, and others only disclose their status to a select few. HIV has a personal and unique impact on every individual. Meridian is there to meet everyone where they’re at, no matter where they are on their journey. We work with people who have healthy and active lives, and we also work with people who have more significant and acute issues.

Many HIV-positive people in Canberra live secure, active, and healthy lives, and they manage their condition without issue. Others experience life issues (such as poverty, homelessness, and relationship breakdown) and health issues (such as cancer, and poor mental health). This can have a cascading effect and interfere with overall health and wellbeing. For some, these issues can persist over the long term. For others, they occur unexpectedly or episodically.

Our HIV-positive services are also open to people who are not personally living with HIV but are impacted by HIV in some way. This includes partners and family members of people living with HIV.

Meridian partners and collaborates with a range of organisations. These include physical and mental healthcare providers, community health organisations, and mainstream service providers.

Whatever your case and however HIV/AIDS has impacted you, we can support you.

Links to our HIV Services pages:

If you have any questions or concerns contact us or call 02 6257 2855.

For more information, visit ASHMAFAO or NAPWHA.