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Disabili-Tea logo with Meeting at the Intersections

Disabili-Tea is a peer-led, fortnightly Zoom event for LGBTIQA+ folks with disability, neurodivergence, visual impairment, chronic health and mental health conditions, and members of the d/Deaf/HoH communities. We meet for conversations and speakers suggested by the group. It is a space for LGBTIQA+ folks with disability to talk, laugh, share, celebrate, commiserate and connect.

If you feel like venturing out, join us at Disabili-Tea ‘Out & About’. Activities are chosen by the group and are low-cost or free. They include things like museums and galleries, the Botanic Gardens, live music, farms, and much, much more. Friends, family, house mates, carers and support workers all very welcome to attend this social event. Please contact us to discuss accessibility and transport.

We know that the language surrounding disability and identity is not simple. You do not need to identify as ‘disabled’ or have a formal diagnosis to engage with our group. If in doubt, please reach out.

For more information: or phone (02) 6257 2855.