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SWOP Outreach

[Image description: A red banner background with the SWOP logo on the left, text reads "Bodily autonomy is defined as the right to self-governance over one's own body without external influence or coercion. It is generally considered to be a fundamental human right. Bodily autonomy relates to the concept of affirmative consent, which requires full and eager participation in any sexual encounter".]

Outreach is a free service to ALL sex workers in the ACT.

SWOP provides outreach to ensure all sex workers are empowered to make informed decisions about safer sex, personal safety practices, laws, regulations and access to information about their health and rights.

Outreach to brothels and studios occurs once a month at night in the first week of the month.

[Image description: Sex workers protesting at a parade holding a banner that says "sex workers rights = human rights"]

Make an appointment

SWOP staff can be available to visit independent and private sex workers at their incall, please contact us to make an appointment.

Via email [email protected] or SMS the SWOP mobile 0427475671