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Transgender Awareness Week

Each year between November 13th - 20th we celebrate Transgender Awareness Week alongside our trans brothers, sisters and non-binary loved ones - as community, as allies, as colleagues, friends and as family. Trans Awareness Week finishes with the whole community observing Trans Day of Remembrance on November 20th. This day is a chance to celebrate the pioneers throughout history that have fought for trans rights and honour those we have lost.

The 'T' in our community have been pioneers of progress and advocacy for the LGBTIQA+ community throughout history. Trans Awareness Week is a chance to take some time to celebrate our Trans community, learn about gender diversity, take real action to raise awareness on trans issues and advocate for trans lives.

Meridian supports the health and wellbeing of trans, gender diverse and non-binary people, their families and allies.  We work with individuals through counselling, peer support and provide training and resources across many settings including workplaces, the community service sector and other organisations.

Gender diversity is an umbrella term that is used to describe gender identities that demonstrate a diversity of expression beyond the binary framework. We recognise and celebrate the diversity of the TGD experience, so when we use the term ‘trans and gender diverse’, ‘trans’ and  ‘transgender’ we mean all people who are not cisgender.  Cisgender is a term used to describe people whose gender is the same as that was presumed for them at birth (male or female). ‘Cis’ is a Latin term meaning ‘on the same side as’.

Read more about Transgender Awareness Week and the Transgender Day of Remembrance below, and find out how you can participate.

What is Transgender Awareness Week?

Transgender Awareness Week is a week when transgender people and their allies take action to bring attention to the community by educating the public about who transgender people are, sharing stories and experiences, and advancing advocacy around the issues of prejudice, discrimination, and violence that affect the transgender community.

What is Transgender Day of Remembrance?

Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) was founded by transgender advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith as a vigil to honour her memory of Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was killed in 1998. The vigil commemorated all the transgender people lost to violence that year and began an important memorial that has become the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Participate in TDOR by attending or organising a vigil on November 20 to honour all those whose lives were lost to anti-transgender violence that year. 


Get Involved 

Event - Introduction to Visible Trans Allyship (Trans Awareness Week Training) - Thu, 18 November 2021 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM.

Trans Hub NSW - Trans Awareness Week art gallery submissions



We offer and refer to a range of TGD-affirming resources, programs and services delivered by people who genuinely understand the health issues affecting trans and gender diverse people.

Inclusive Pathways

Westlund Counselling

LGBTBIQ+[Ai] Awareness and Inclusivity Training

Check it Out Podcast - Peter Hyndal - Transgender Day of Remembrance 2018

Check it Out Podcast - Trans & Gender Diverse at School

Meridian - Trans and Gender Diverse Language Guide
Trans and gender diverse communities are disproportionately affected by prejudice-motivated discrimination and violence.

The health and wellbeing outcomes of people with trans and gender diverse experience are directly related to transphobic stigma, prejudice, discrimination and abuse, including when incorrect language is used, often unknowingly.

This guide explains key terms and offers examples of language that can help us build safer, more inclusive environments for trans and gender diverse communities.

Download Here

PrEP Factsheet for Trans and Gender Diverse People

HIV PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) factsheet for trans and gender diverse people.

What is PrEP? PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. PrEP is a pill that HIV negative people can take to prevent HIV. Taking PrEP before being exposed to HIV means there’s enough drug in your system to stop HIV if it gets into your body. If PrEP is taken as prescribed it has proved very effective at preventing HIV and reduces the risk of HIV transmission by almost 100%.

Download Here

Language Beyond the Binary Poster

From the time we are born (it’s a boy or it’s a girl) we learn gender concepts and binary language in our everyday life including family, peers, schools, community, media, culture and religion. Rigid gender concepts, gender roles and stereotyped constructions of masculinity and femininity are unhelpful. When you unpack gender stereotypes you will find a whole gender spectrum beyond the binary.

Download Here


A Gender Agenda

A Gender Agenda (AGA) provide direct and peer support and advocacy for members of the trans, gender diverse and intersex communities and their families. AGA is a unique community organisation actively engaged in increasing public awareness and understanding of intersex, trans and gender diversity issues. In addition to training and education, they provide advocacy and support services, information and resources and are actively engaged in human rights and law reform.  AGA is a vibrant community of sex and gender diverse individuals and their families.

AGA operates the Friday Centre, a peer navigation service that supports trans and gender diverse communities with information and referrals to support their social, legal, and medical transition. The Friday Centre operates from The Exchange at Meridian’s Havelock House office on Fridays from 1 pm – 6 pm. You can drop in anytime during opening hours and meet the staff who will understand the unique experience of the trans and gender diverse communities.  You can also email [email protected]


Our friends at ACON have developed an online platform TransHub. TransHub is an exciting digital information and resource destination for all trans and gender diverse (TGD) people, their loved ones, allies and health providers.


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